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Club Houses

The Thai Polo & Equestrian Club is spread across 250 hectares (or 2000 rai) and at each of the three full-sized international-standard polo playing grounds. there is a clubhouse. All three clubhouses were designed to the specifications laid out by Mrs Nunthinee Tanner, whose love for polo and all it represents, can be seen in the way the clubhouses are sited and designed, with the aim of allowing guests to be able to watch polo matches in relative comfort and style.


The Chukka Bar


This is a direct replica of the Chukka Bar which used to be a major attraction in the famous Langham Hotel in central London. The Langham Hotel was the first deluxe grand hotel in Europe when it opened in 1865, and the polo-centric Chukka Bar was a key attraction. The original Chukka Bar was closed in 2006, but has been reincarnated at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, complete with polo trophies, historical photos, and polo paraphernalia. The bar provides THAI POLO & EQUESTRIAN CLUB with a lasting connection in the history of polo, as well as a comfortable platform to enjoy after polo refreshments and re-tellings of the day’s achievements.

Swimming Pool


A 20-metre long saltwater pool on the terrace of the main clubhouse provides the opportunity to watch the polo and at the same time have a nice relaxing swim, almost a combination of the best of both worlds. With restaurant facilities close by and the sounds of an exciting chukka taking place on the nearby field, guests can relax either by, or in, the pool, with drinks and a snack available at a moment’s notice.

Polo Fields


The unique hillside landscape features three world-class polo fields, as well as two practice fields. One of the international-sized fields lies majestically amidst tropical palm trees. Another has sweeping views overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, which arguably makes it one of the most spectacular fields in the country. The third ground is sited at the base of a beautiful hill, giving yet another different backdrop.




The Thai Polo & Equestrian Club has been consistently working towards the creation of a facility that is not just the premier sports arena of its kind in Thailand, but one that ranks highly anywhere in the world. As it stands, the Equestrian part of the complex has already achieved a number of notable successes covering all aspects of the sport.

Cross-country & Eventing Course


In 2007, renowned Australian designer Wayne Copping was given the task of establishing an international standard cross-country course which would be suitable as a venue for international events, such as the Southeast Asian Games.

An eventing course was designed by highly-regarded New Zealander John Nicholson, and this was used to host the inaugural Asia Eventing Championships.


Equine Clinic


The veterinary and quarantine facilities are second-to-none in the region, with a leading Argentinian vet acting as general manager of the complex, overseeing Argentinian, French and British as well as local farriers, trainers, and stable staff.

The Thai Polo Equine Clinic opened in 2013 and has one treatment room, four intensive care stables, pharmacy, and is capable of analyzing digital x-rays and offering PRP treatment for tendons.



The polo ponies rest and recover in three high-ceiled, breezy, and spacious stable blocks. One block consists of two sections with 48 stalls, and another of 22 stalls. A second block consists of a further two sections of 30 and 50 stalls respectively. All are equipped with modern mosquito control, overhead fans, and excellent care by grooms whose quarters are nearby for security and control. All stables are built in Thai-style with thatched roofs that perfectly underline the natural setting of the club.

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