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Thai Polo Team

Thai Polo Team

The Thai Polo Team represents the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club in tournaments both in Thailand and abroad. Over the past few years the Thai Polo Team has taken part in a number of international tournaments, as far afield as Argentina as we strive to present the Thai face of polo to the world. The team has acquitted itself well against some of the best players and teams in world polo as it gradually promotes the growing popularity of the sport in Thailand.

Ladies Polo Team

When the THAI POLO & EQUESTRIAN CLUB was founded in 2005, joint club owner Mrs. Nunthinee Tanner wanted to encourage young female riders to discover the joys of playing polo. Being famous as the first lady polo player in the Kingdom, Mrs. Tanner has since become a patron of ladies’ polo in Thailand, with the annual Queen’s Cup Pink Polo Tournament one of her most outstanding achievements.

Every weekend, a small group of young ladies join the Thai grooms for practice sessions at the THAI POLO & EQUESTRIAN CLUB, where they enjoy riding and maneuvering together, hitting balls and pursuing their polo dream. They keep coming back because they all say they find polo exciting, fun and different from their normal riding routines.
Mrs. Tanner oversees these weekend practice sessions, providing encouragement and coaching. Sewing the seeds for new teams of ladies to perform in the region in the coming years, our careful training is raising polo playing standards among ladies in Thailand to international levels.