Thai Polo & Equestrian Club Thailand | Grounds
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Field ONE

The first field is often compared with a billiard table since the grass is so smooth the ball runs absolutely straight and true. The grass used is the same variety found on the golf fairways of Thailand.
In 2014 subsoil drainage was installed under the field and this has meant games are able to be played very quickly, even after the heaviest downpours.
One of the great attractions of this field are the sunsets, which provide a wonderful backdrop to any late afternoon polo match.

Field TWO

The second field was designed by the famous polo and golf course designer Alejandro Lavista Llanos. Mr Llanos was responsible for many years for the maintenance of the well-known Palermo polo field in Argentina. This is where the Argentine Open is played. M Llanos is noted for designing courses all over the world.
This field is completely flat and has Tifton 419 grass, which is what is used on the Palermo field. This gives local players an idea of the kind of surface they are likely to encounter on overseas competitions, especially those played in Argentina.
The view from this field is of the waters of Pattaya Bay and the Gulf of Thailand.


The third field is, arguably, the workhorse of the Club. Set at the base of rolling hills, the way it is sloped and with its subsoil drainage, it allows games to be played within hours of rain. It is almost a rarity to have games cancelled on this field.
This field has shown it can support a lot of polo, having seen more than 14 chukkas in a day and yet still remain in great condition when you arrive to play the next day.